Because we could all use some TLC right now

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In March of 2021, I was lucky enough to head off to Costa Rica with my best girl friend on our very first retreat excursion. We extensively studied the Book Retreats website, chose the retreat of our liking, and packed our bags about two weeks later, arriving with sleepy eyes and a negative Covid test. The retreat that we chose was Vida Asana in Jaco, Costa Rica. On the book retreats page, there were beautiful pictures of the retreat grounds, detailed information about the itinerary for the week and what was provided — lucky for us, included was a shared…

And why you should go ASAP

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With the world opening back up due to a rise in vaccinations, it’s clear that we’re ready — and desperately in need of — a vacation. What better way to escape than renting a home away from home? Airbnb, an online marketplace connecting renters (hosts) to traveling individuals seeking accommodation, is becoming increasingly popular with long term stays — specifically for digital nomads and creatives, and it’s an app that I’m particularly obsessed with. The perks of renting an airbnb are plenty, including the option to have a friendly host who knows the lay of the land if you’re renting…

Hint: Get your documents in order

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At this moment in time, I am not promoting travel. As the coronavirus rages on, I have a hard time encouraging others to travel too far from home. Earlier in the year, when I traveled to Croatia, I was still very hesitant to go. I personally decided to take the risk and commit to my travel plans, as Croatia was one of the only countries still allowing US Citizens in with proof of a negative PCR test. This year has been incredibly trying as someone who has an insatiable case of wanderlust and a constant need to travel and explore…

What it’s like to be a traveler trapped in place during the Corona virus

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My absolute favorite thing is traveling. And with all this alone time, I could even say that I’ve discovered it’s my chosen addiction. Traveling allows me to escape my regular routine, work, responsibilities, and relationships. I have a love affair with travel Pinterest boards, and checking sites like Skyscanner and Airbnb is basically the equivalent of a bump of cocaine for me. …

Photo By The Author

A Poem Left On My Lovers Pillow

Taylor Haught

Freelance writer, poet, filmmaker, digital nomad, and health enthusiast.

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